About Us


Coming from 2 completely different industry backgrounds Claire & Yasmin both British but living in Dubai never realized it would be a perfect match when they meet each other for the first time in Summer of 2019 and definitely never thought at that stage they would be launching their own gifting company by the end of that year.

Yasmin comes with a design and gifting background whilst Claire comes from a beauty background but they realized very quickly that actually the two industries could work really well together. So initially they started curating bespoke gift boxes for all different occasions and budgets and used their contacts, suppliers and networks to put together some really beautiful gifts, by the December of that year they were putting together teacher boxes, Christmas eve boxes and was even delivering their bespoke boxes on Christmas eve direct to peoples houses.

All of the gift boxes and products have been handpicked by Yasmin & Claire  and they take great pride in each and every item selected ensuring they are finished to the highest standards. All beauty & grooming products are natural, chemical & cruelty free and all the confectionary comes from a French Patisserie that they work with very closely.

Every minor detail has been thought off with their gifts including beautifully crafted boxes and collaborating with lots of local companies especially female owned ones.

Most recently they have launched their website and expanded into corporate gifting with a difference over your normal standard gifts so often associated with the corporate world.

So that's how The Giftology Co was a born and its journey so far and we leave you with a message from our founders. 

"We hope you have as much pleasure choosing your gifts as we have had curating them as all our products have been handpicked by us for you"

Claire & Yasmin x