About Us

We Aspire to be known not just for a place to shop but for our knowledge of the clean beauty market.

Its difficult to put into words how I feel about reaching here. Like many entrepreneurs and business owners this has taken me on quite a roller coaster of a journey, like most journeys it’s had its fair share of bumps along the way. But a valuable lesson I have learnt, however many failures, knockbacks and disappointments you may have its not about how you handle them its about how many times you pick yourself up, dust yourself down and keep going. Which is exactly how I got here.

With over 28years in the Beauty industry I have had the pleasure in meeting & working with so many amazing people and brands, so I know the dilemma women have with the plethora of products and ingredients available in the market. That combined with busy lives, none of us have the time or maybe the inclination to start reading labels and researching every ingredient. So, I wanted to create a solution to make lives easier by offering a unique shopping experience that becomes a trustworthy friend to women all over. To create a try love and buy beyond the routine, giving our customers the opportunity to try the latest top tier clean beauty products through our online store and all in the knowledge that they’re all completely free of nasties and every brand we work with has been personally tried and tested by us for you.

Our aim is to inspire women to live a more conscious tomorrow by thinking about what they use on their Face, body & hair and most of all be happy to BE YOUR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL.

Aspire Beauty was started on absolute blood, sweat and tears but most of all on a passion for an industry I love and always grateful for the fact that I have never had to call this work.

Claire x