Youth Miracle Hydrogel Luxury Facial Mask

  • Dhs. 110.00

INFUSED WITH ACTUAL LAVENDER PETALS FOR THE ULTIME REJUVENATION  Lavender is one of the most nostalgic of scents because it has been used for such a very long time and has become a part of the lives of many generations. It has that magical and heavily aromatic smell of late summer and for many years has been used for nourishing and soothing all skin types - with the added bonus of relieving stress as well as insomnia.

The biodegradable Maskologist Youth Miracle Hydrogel Facial Mask is heavily infused with lavender's natural oils and petals and has been specifically designed to reverse the effects of skin ageing.

It does this by fitting your face like a second skin while it delivers nutrients and minerals as well as bucket loads of long-lasting hydration.

Lavender's lavish scent can be attributed to the fact that it is a unique member of the mint family with the additional benefits of its antiseptic and healing abilities as a result of its well-documented anti-inflammatory properties.

It contains concentrated amounts of antioxidants which make it ideal for protecting your skin against sun damage and pollution with the added benefit of reducing age-related changes in your skin such as fine lines and wrinkles and even age spots!

There is no Fountain of Youth but our Youth Miracle Hydrogel Facial Mask is the nearest that you will find! It really is the ultimate rejuvenating treatment and will leave your skin radiant and glowing with health after just a single use.