Starry Eyes- Eye Masks -Box of 5

  • Dhs. 96.00

These self-heating eye masks warm up to 38c within 30 seconds from opening, once on the mask can aid with sleep, soothes dry or puffy eyes and help you to relax and distress while leaving you feeling revitalized.


1 Tear along the perforation
2 Remove eye mask from pouch. Eye mask will begin to warm up when opened. Use immediately
3 Place white coloured side of the eye mask on eyes with notched edge down. Place straps around the ears
keep eyes closed and do not press the eye mask against your eyes during application. If eye drops are applied, wait a few minutes before using eye mask. Do not use at the same time as other eye masks. Eye mask May cause smudging or removal of makeup.
4 Relax
5 Dispose of Eye mask after single use-once the eye mask Is cool