Tiffy & Tallulah

Mummy & Mini Matching Hair Turbans

  • Dhs. 138.00

Ultra-soft and super-absorbent, introducing our matching mummy and mini Towel Turbans. Super cute and perfect for all hair types, allow hair to dry quickly, naturally and hassle-free.

With a smaller version perfectly sized for mini, hair dries quickly without drips that leave post shower PJ’s wet and cold. A perfect addition to our Bath Time Dreams Pamper Hamper, simply wrap around wet hair post-bath and fasten with a single button closure, leaving hands free to play or pamper whilst hair dries.

How to use me

  1. Tip head upside down and place towel turban over your head, as you would a towel.
  2. Twist snugly around hair.
  3. Hook the elastic loop around the button at the back to secure.

I’m made from100% terylene. Hand wash with cold water.