Glowing Potion Hydrogel Luxury Face Mask

  • Dhs. 110.00

INFUSED WITH ACTUAL ROSE PETALS FOR THE ULITMATE BEAUTIFYING EXPERIENCE  No matter whether your skin is already soft and young or whether it is more mature and a little drier, is called astringency. Astringency is a property which rose petals have in natural abundance and is defined as something which is able to cause skin cells or other body tissues to contract. To pull together. 

The Maskologist Glowing Potion Hydrogel Mask is not only produced from rose petals but has its healing qualities reinforced through the addition of the flower's natural oils which, together with the petals are infused into the mask's gel for maximum effect and healing.

After using this mask, you will enjoy a smoother and softer skin with the bonus of long-lasting hydration and protection.

When we describe this face mask as a 'treatment', we mean it! The rose petal contains anti-oxidants and nutrients as well as minerals which, coupled with the rose's essential oils will produce a softer and healthier skin - the skin you have always dreamed about and deserve.

The biodegradable Hydrogel mask is like a second-skin infusing your own skin with its goodness and healing. It is the ultimate facial treatment.

Imagine the feeling of lying in a sunlit rose garden with rose petals gently falling on your face as you breathe in the wonderful and uniquely relaxing scent of the rose whilst deriving all the benefits of our very unique totally natural, dermatologically-tested face mask. That is exactly what the Maskologist Glowing Potion Hydrogel Mask has in store for you and your skin.