How beautiful is the life of an expat?

There's a lot more to an expat life than a tax-free salary and 365 days of sunshine. To many that have never tried, it’s just a full-time holiday and to those that visit it’s the perfect life.

What visitors/guests don’t realize is that most people take on the role of gracious host/tour guide for their holiday duration. Which is a combination of sipping sundowners against the backdrop of some fancy skyline, spending days on a sun lounger and evenings at fancy restaurants combined with beautiful photo opportunities of the Dubai fountains, Burj Khalifa and Burj al Arab. Maybe some culture down on Dubai creek, Thrill seeking from a theme park and not forgetting the hours walking round amazing malls. 

To the visitor be it family or friend we all live this beautifully curated Instagram & Facebook feed. 

What they don’t see is us juggling it all, sending emails at 11pm and doing the school run at 7.20am. They don’t see us paying the bills or having to cope with temperatures of 50 degrees in the summer (funnily enough no one comes to visit at that time of year). They just see the fancy façade & breath-taking views but the reality of living anywhere is very different to going on holiday.

Being an expat in Dubai has many perks. There's a reason why there is so many of us here. But it's not all beach days & brunches. We're away from close family and friends, the friends you do make sadly leave eventually as that’s the downfall of living in a transient society. The majority of people are only here for the short-term, a purpose to make life better in the long term. 

So as an expat in Dubai , you have to ask the question with the internet full of articles about how social media has bred a generation obsessed with making life look perfect, is the life of an expat to our friends and family this perfect curated life or are we all just living the best life we can.



*Source: founder of Aspire Beauty CO Claire Gittus